EmailAttacher is now Deprecated

No longer available for purchase

Why You Need It

The campaign and broadcast emails you send from Infusionsoft areemailAttacher Intro cropped automatically archived on your contact records. But do you then use personal emails to follow up, answer questions, and close deals? If so, then you need emailAttacher to continue archiving those emails on the contact records.

If you’ve used Salesforce then you learned how important this capability can be – now with emailAttacher Infusionsoft works the same way!

Supports All Email Services

emailAttacher works with ALL email services and clients. Just continue using your current Gmail, Outlook, Mac Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo! mail, or any other service.

email services

How it works
  1. When you sign up for emailAttacher you are issued a special Attacher address unique to you.
  2. There are 2 methods to have an email attached in Infusionsoft – you’ll choose one method for each email you want to attach:
    Method 1 – BCC Attach: send an email to a contact and add your Attacher address in the BCC line
    Method 2 – Direct Attach: send an email directly to emailAttacher with your Attacher address on the TO: line and add the email address of the contact at the end of the Subject: line. This email is delivered only to emailAttacher and not to the contact.
  3. The emailAttacher app receives a copy of your email and locates your Infusionsoft contact record for each person in the TO: line of the email message.
    Or if you sent the email directly to emailAttacher it locates the contact record for each email address found on the Subject: line.
  4. If a contact record does not exist then emailAttacher creates it and notifies you.
  5. emailAttacher then attaches the email to the contact record for every recipient on the TO: line if you used BCC Attach, or on the Subject: line if you used Direct Attach. Note that any files attached to the email message are not processed and will not be attached to the contact record.

Email annotated
Attacher Address on To line


emailAttacher only takes action on an email if the FROM: address is a sender you’ve authorized. So if someone else tries to use your Attacher address they will not succeed and their email will not be attached.

Your email is never stored on the emailAttacher server. It is received, processed and deleted within seconds after it arrives.

Note, emailAttacher is not for use with any system that sends emails automatically. Only manually initiated emails may be sent to emailAttacher.